Editorial Review Board

The primary function of the Editorial Review Board is to review research articles for approval to publish in the Journal. Members of the Board are occasional referees appointed by the Editor-in-Chief on intellectual advice and guidance provided by the Advisory Board members. Members are selected to provide the editorial broad representation of backgrounds and affiliations needed to support the Editorial Policy. They review the stream of manuscripts that J Phil Econ receives. The editorial board endeavours to reach a decision on submitted articles within two months, and to publish accepted contributions once the copy-editing tasks are finalized.

The Editorial Board first evaluates submissions in-house, deciding whether to send them for single-blind peer review, which means that the reviewers' identities are concealed throughout the review process. If inappropriate, the submission will be rejected at this stage. If a manuscript passes this first stage, according to the Reviewer Guidelines, an invitation is sent to at least two reviewers, who are selected for a manuscript based on their corresponding area of expertise according to the Editorial Policy. The suggestions for the reviewers may come from authors at the time of submission. The reviewers' scoring and comments are essential in two ways: (1) they guide our decision to publish (or not) and (2) authors use them to make revisions to their papers.

At the initial invitation to review, reviewers are asked to disclose to editors any relationships or activities that could bias their opinions of the manuscript and should recuse themselves from reviewing specific manuscripts if the potential for bias exists. When the review is submitted, the rating grid gives reviewers an opportunity to disclose other CoIs or ones they may have realised only on reading the manuscript. They must confirm not to use knowledge of the work they’re reviewing before its publication to further their own interests.

Manuscript will be checked against the following criteria:

1. Does the paper address the J Phil Econ editorial policy towards ‘an intellectual endeavour of actively reconstructing economics by constant recourse to works of philosophy’? YES/NO
IF 'NO', How could the author(s) change the draft?

2. Has the author offered a balanced overview of the major literature while including representative works from all perspectives? Does the article reflect relevant and up-to-date research? YES/NO
IF 'NO', How could the author(s) change the draft?

3. Are the text and/or findings written clearly and accurately? YES/NO

The Editor-in-Chief, under guidance from the Editorial Board, decides on the basis of the reviews whether to publish, reject or ask for a minor or major revision and resubmit. If asked, authors revise and resubmit the manuscript taking into account the peer reviewers' feedback. The process cannot take more than two months.



2020-2022 List of referees

James Alvey
Sergiu Bălan
Christina Banalopoulou
Călin Cotoi
Leslie Alan Duhs
Valentina Erasmo
Ceyhun Gürkan
Frederic B. Jennings, Jr.
Cheng Li
Bruce Littleboy
Matthew McCaffrey
Rodica Mocan

Cristian Păun
Christian Piller
Alexandru Popovici
Henrieta Anișoara Șerban
Oana Camelia Șerban
Stefano Solari
Michał Stachurski
Andreas Stamate
Vlad Topan
Viktor Viktorovich Zinchenko

2018-2019 List of referees

James Alvey
Stephane Baele
Marta Božina Beroš
Dragoș Bîgu
Dieter Bogenhold
M. Northrup Buechner
Nicolas Cachanosky
Ottaviani Fiona
Karl-Friedrich Israel
Frederic B. Jennings Jr.
Panagiotis Kalimeris

Radu Lupu
Boran A. Mercan
Cristina Neesham
Jonathan Newman
Ion Pohoata
Alexandru Popovici
Stephan Pühringer
Peter Söderbaum
Sebastian Thieme
Vlad Topan
Friedel Weinert

2017 List of referees

Alejandro Agafonow
James Alvey
Brent D. Beal
Luka Brkić
Bjørn-Ivar Davidsen
Emil Dinga
Stavros Drakopoulos
Bogdan Glăvan
Erkan Gürpınar
Arne Heise

William Jackson
Frederic B. Jennings Jr.
Joanna Dzionek-Kozlowska
Tonci Kuzmanic
Wendy Lynne Lee
Panayotis Michaelides
Patrick Newman
Georgios Papadopoulos
Cristian Păun
Kurt Smith

2015-2016 List of referees

Gary Chartier
Judith Chubb
Ştefan-Dominic Georgescu
David Gordon
William N. Kring
Tara Natarajan
Sreenivasan Subramanian

David Meenagh
Bojan Morić Milovanović
Costea Munteanu
Mark Peacock
Sandra Šokčević
Nebojša Stojčić
Hendrik Van den Berg

2013-2014 List of referees

Puneet Bhasin
Matthew Berg
Necip Çakır
Stefan L. Cojocaru
Ned Dobos
Ivo Družić
Sorin Dumitrescu
Benan Eres
Wulf Gaertner
Francesco Guala
Stefan-Dominic Georgescu

Paul Griseri
Geoff Ingham
Ozan Isler
Hartmut Kliemt
Clive Lawson
James Moulder
Hüseyin Özel
Prasanta Pattanaik
Nicholas Rohde
Robert J. Sonora
David Teira

2011-2012 List of referees

Romar Correa
Carmen Costea
Mark Dibben
James Dreier
Guido Hülsmann
Fred Jennings
Laurian Lungu
Cosmin Marinescu

Milivoj Markovic
Giorgos Papadopoulos
Cristi Paun
Sezgin Polat
Tirthankar Roy
Jorma Sappinen
Chris Schinkus
Dale Tomich

2007-2010 List of referees

Andrew Alexandra
Tudorel Andrei
Erik Angner
Cornel Ban
Gary Chartier
Andy Denis
Mark Dibben
James Dreier
Steve Fleetwood
David Harvie
Laurian Lungu
Andrew Mearman

Costea Munteanu
Cristina Neesham
Ioana Negru
Jack Reardon
Joao Rodrigues
Dusek Tamás
Jan Toporowski
Jurica Šimurina
Soumitra Sharma
Mihaela Zografi
Adrian Walsh
Julian Wells